Explore, breathe, sip, taste and relax, all at once at Three Monkeys

A calm morning under the shade of trees with a cup of great coffee sounds like the ideal way to start off the day. But wouldn’t it be a bonus if you are sitting on a giant tree house.

Well, this simple happiness is not far away from the heart of Phuket Town. Located in Kathu, Three Monkeys is part of Hanuman World, which is known for their love of nature as sky-high trees can be seen everywhere.

Three monkeys is an all-day dining restaurant, so whether you seek a pampering morning with a cup of premium organic coffee, or a pot of exotic afternoon tea as well as traditional Thai Southern cuisine, mouth-watering fusion Italian or Japanese food, it really has it all!

From the first steps at Three Monkeys, you shall look around the smart and sustainable design of the building. You will appreciate the fantastic views over Phuket Town and the beautiful scenery all around. Then it’s time to please the palate!

Three Monkeys has a list of outstanding coffee to choose from. The organic coffee beans used at Three Monkey are all produced by themselves and are guaranteed for aroma and taste. Their Arabica coffee is planted on Doi Chang, Chiang Rai province where the height, humidity and temperature are perfect for it while their Robusta is planted adjacent to the restaurant.

Drinking coffee is a delicate art and Three Monkeys has prepared talented baristas who will be hands-on for your memorable coffee experience. The star of all coffee here is the Kopi Luwak with a twist; offered as an Arabica rather than a Robusta. The civets they take the Kopi Luwak from are wild, not farm-fed, so the product is 100 percent organic.

For a refreshing choice, we highly recommend the Espresso Tonic with Homemade Lemon Syrup and for the rich, creamy and sweet choice, we recommend the Three Monkey Frappe with Coffee Flower Honey.

In the near future, Three Monkeys will also offer a coffee tour where guests will experience coffee from every corner of the world.

There are various choices of tea also available for your pleasure, from basic lemongrass tea all the way to very delicate coffee flower tea and the highly beneficial Cordyceps Tea.

The dining experience, nestled in this environmentally-friendly design, is also exceptional. We started our lunch with some refreshing and light sashimi, featuring glossy marbling salmon, tuna and Shime saba, followed by the classic California Rolls. Then we heated up the temperature with some authentic Phuketian dishes, like Spicy Chili Shrimp Paste, served alongside a coconut soup with prawns and vegetables, herbal grilled chicken thighs with spicy “Jaew” sauce, crusty prawn cakes and Tom Yum fried rice that offers the full flavor of this Thai classic hot soup in every bite.

After the meal, you ca enjoy a great selection of cocktails, both traditional and from their signature selection.


Three Monkeys Restaurant

Open 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

105 Moo.4 Chaofah Road , Vichit ,Muang , Phuket 83000

Tel. 098 010 8838