Exploring the Tale of Tigers at Phuket’s Tiger Kingdom

As there are a variety of tigers on-site, before entering Tiger Kingdom, visitors are allowed to choose the size and number of tigers they would like to visit ranging from the smallest to the biggest of the animals. The smallest cubs tend to be the sleepiest and spend most of their days eating, napping and enjoying play sessions with their babysitters. It is possible to sit down next to the tigers and interact as their babysitters and trainers will keep a close eye on your interaction and advise where and how to approach the baby tigers. Visitors are allowed to enjoy some playful time with the baby tigers, and observe first hand that although they are similar to overgrown cats, they still have a hunter’s instinct. 

The medium sized tigers at Tiger Kingdom are considered teenagers. It is possible to observe them playing with their trainers. Much like a large cat, the tigers will jump and grab at a waving tuft toy. A swimming pool is also provided so that the big cats can enjoy splashing in the cool water during Phuket’s sunny days. For those who want to capture some memorable photographs, there are large and extra-large tigers on-site, sitting majestically, and ready to pose for the camera. It’s impossible to imagine just how grand they are until you find yourself next to them and realize just how small you are. All of the tigers at Phuket’s Tiger Kingdom are closely monitored by experienced and professional trainers, so visitors can rest assured that their safety is ensured. Also, for animal lovers, you can be assured that Tiger Kingdom treats its giant cats with the utmost love and respect. 

After the adrenaline rush that comes with being so close to the tigers, it’s likely time to sit down and relax over a bite to eat and a drink. At Tiger Kingdom, a variety of delicious Thai and international cuisine is served piping hot to your table, where you can further observe the tigers through a glass window.


A visit to Phuket’s Tiger Kingdom is a once in a lifetime activity, and in order to remember these special moments, there is a souvenir shop with a wide range of wonderful items to choose from such as furry tiger bags, T-shirts, postcards, mugs and even a life-size tiger doll! Be sure to pick up some of these mementos to remind you of the great time you had visiting Phuket’s Tiger Kingdom. 

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