Fly High in the Woods at Hanuman World

As you step into a sanctuary of rainforest on a lush mountain in Kathu you will find a kingdom of legendary monkeys from the fantasy Ramayana literature surrounding you with joy and thrills.

To reach the peak of extreme fun, all three activi-ties available at Hanuman World are highly recom-mended, and each is represented by a wristband of different colour; yellow, brown and black, the darker delivering the highest adrenaline rush within the at-traction.

Let’s start with the yellow band, which brings you to an oasis of tropical flora, “The Gentle Giant’s Home”, including banana, durian, jackfruit and massive iron trees. This adventure is created for all ages, from the young to the old. The tree tops high bridge will lead you through beautiful jungle allowing you to breathe in fresh air, relax your eyes with the green scenery and listen to the mild whisper of the trees. At the end of the journey, you will be welcomed at the tree house where refreshing fruits and juices are provid-ed alongside a huge hammock and puffy pillows to relax even more!

Get your energy fully charged up at the sky bridge, then be prepared for the excitement that lies ahead.

It’s time to remove the yellow band and use the brown one where you will start the longest-ever zip line in Phuket, approximately 500 meters. You will soar across the hillsides while skimming the ground with a bird’s eye view, then, with no time to hesitate, you will be jumping from a 30-meter tall tree with your guts moving up and down. Gliding from one tree to another with two hands flying free in the air is such a wonderful feeling. There are three types of zip lines to choose from including World C featuring seven platforms taking one hour, World B featuring 16 platforms taking one and a half hour and World A featuring 30 platforms taking three hours and end-ing with a meal.

After the zip line flights, you can continue to the darkest shade of the adventure with the black wrist-band and head to the Roller Zip Line offering the highest speed descent in Thailand. You will be left on your own with full safety equipment. The speedy fly along the curves and twists make you feel the grav-ity and the fear in the tummy will probably make you scream out loud on and on as you feel like you’ll eventually fly off the track. This 800-meter long trip took about two minutes and it was one of the longest two minutes, ever. However, right after it finishes, you will feel and understand how awesome the experience was.

All the platforms will drain your energy, so at Wanon restaurant you’ll find a laid-back area with gor-geous Phuket city views and a list of mouth-watering Phuket, southern and Thai cuisine to please your pal-ate after a long trip flying in Hanuman World.

Hanuman World
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