Fresh and tasty bites at Ploendi Restaurant

Do you crave an indulgent bite of a meaty burger, or a big basket of freshly caught local seafood? The friendly alfresco eatery Ploendi at Sawaddi Patong opens its door wide and what follows are just some the highlights of what they bring to all food lovers.

The ‘Big Burger’ is a huge beef burger for two served hot alongside traditional crispy potato fries and onion rings. The beautiful layers of tastiness feature a hot ‘n’ crusty homemade bun, cheddar cheese, classic choices of lettuce, tomato and onions, and crispy bacon to complement the two 120 grams of handcrafted and well-marinated beef.

Another star of this dining avenue is their Seafood Basket, a sizeable serving that gathers ocean delicacies freshly caught every day from the Andaman Sea. Order one day in advance at Ploendi and you will be pleased with a selection of Phuket lobster, local white prawns, calamari, crab and New Zealand mussels served with spicy seafood and BBQ sauces to dip at your preference.

Freshness is guaranteed as the seafood is supplied directly from the well-known fishermen’s village in Rawai, and when seafood is fresh additional seasoning is minimally required as its own nature-made sweetness already nails it!

Ploendi always offers monthly highlight, and this month the delicious pork chop shines. The loin cut offers a lean but juicy texture through every bite. The chop is seasoned and marinated perfectly, giving it a rich taste even without an extra dipping sauce.

Served alongside a refreshing mango and avocado salsa, the dish is well balanced with a natural sweet and sourness accompanied by a touch of bell pepper, onion and cilantro. On the side, the chef also adds butter roasted vegetables for more texture and flavour.

Ploendi opens from 11:30 am – 10:30 pm every day while the mouth-watering menu mentioned is available for lunch and dinner.

For more information about the venue, please visit or call +66 (0) 7634 3444.