Ribs galore and more at Naughty Nuri’s in the Forest, Phuket

While we are still looking for the forest, one thing is certain: Naughty Nuri’s is not playing around when it comes to ribs and grilled meat! We had the pleasure to visit the restau-rant, located on Rat-U-Thit Road in Patong, for an extended lunch and got our hands full with some of their daily specials and delicious food.


The venue offers a mix of covered area and open air set-tings, with plenty of space to sit if you are a large group or just showing up with some friends.

Upon arrival, we were presented with their signature drink: the Pina Colada. Granted, Naughty Nuri’s official beverage has always been the Martini, but they chose the former as it fits better the theme of the island. Those are served in real coconut shells and are available in different flavours. The key word here is presented, as the staff will gratify you with their signature dance whenever this drink is ordered from the menu.


Food-wise, we were treated like kings in ancient times, which is with plethora of proteins! First off, their signature pork ribs, the ones that made them famous all across South-East Asia, were amazing and cooked to perfection. It was a pleasure to watch the meat falling off the bone. The secret sauce is coming straight from Bali, where the brand was originally founded, and a mix of Indonesian spice can be tasted with every bite.


Next up, we had the pleasure to try a classic of Indonesian cuisine; the NasiGoreng, a fried rice mixed with veggies, chilies and sliced pork belly, and served with a Balinese black sauce. Alongside this dish was the Ox Tail Soup, served with a side of garlic bread for your dipping pleasure; the meat was extremely tender and blended well with the aromatic spices.

Last stop before dessert was the special Flaming Lambo Chicken. Imagine a whole chicken, grilled to perfection, ro-tisserie style, and then flambéed table-side, not just for the visual show, but to reinforce the crispiness of the skin while leaving the skin moist and delicious.


Our Balinese exploration ended when we were served the dessert: a banana fritter topped with vanilla ice cream and a dash of flambéing Sambucca.

Naughty Nuri’s in the Forest, Phuket is a fantastic venue to grab lunch or spend a delightful evening with friends and family if you are in the heart of Patong.

For more details please contact +66(0)76 340 308

Email : info@naughtynuristhailand.com