Roar and Lunch at Tiger Kingdom

Are you looking for a place to get an awesome lunch AND live a thrilling adventure? Then head to Tiger Kingdom where you will be surrounded by giant paws. You can choose to meet with the age group you feel the most comfortable, cubs of fully-grown adults.

The adorable cubs are about 3 months old and placed together so they can chill out with their babysitters and some toys as they await your attention. Before getting close to them you will told the Dos and Don’ts, such as areas you should not touch (the head and front legs). You are also required to wash your hands and remove your shoes (you will be provided a pair of white slippers), cleanliness is important. The cats are pretty lazy and sleep most of the time during the day allowing you to pat, cuddle and take pictures with them.

But then it’s time to pump up the adrenaline by visiting their older counterparts, this time from 6 months old upwards. Seeing them from far away won’t give you the same adrenaline rush as when you are staying side by side with them. Here you have a photo shoot with the biggest one of the clan, you can then watch them play with their favourite toy; a handcrafted bamboo with a tuft made of branches and leaves that they’ll try to catch by jumping like a cat, only they’re ten times bigger.

All this adrenaline will get you hungry, so treat yourselves to a delicious lunch! At Tiger Kingdom’s Bengal Restaurant, you will be offered their a la carte menu featuring international and Thai cuisines which you can devour while surrounded by a clan of tiger right outside the window. The dining room can accommodate up to 50 people and also opens its door for private parties and events.

Start off with a delicious Tom Yum soup with mixed fresh seafood with just the right taste of Thai seasoning, followed by a flavourful sweet and sour stir-fried fish with bell pepper, perfect to balance down the spices of the soup, and a chicken in yellow curry with apple and grapes that gives a remarkable taste of mild spiciness, sweet and sour with the touch of Thai herbs. The crunchy spring rolls are a great addition to the tender chicken curry and Tom Yum seafood. The unforgettable chicken stir-fried with cashew nuts and dried chili is very tasty and on the must-try as well.

Take away amazing memories by visiting the souvenir and explore a full range of lovely items waiting for you to take them home. From postcards tiger dolls, T-shirts, scarves with tiger print, photo frames, caps and coin wallets.

Tiger kingdom Phuket
Tel.076 323 311