Unique Teacher Training to mark the Anniversary Ten Years of Kata Hot Yoga

Overlooking Kata Beach there’s a sanctuary of yogic good health and fitness named Kata Hot Yoga, where inspirational Dutch yoga teacher   named Govert, has become an international legend among the yoga, health and wellness community.

This year, Kata Hot Yoga celebrates its tenth anniversary and literally thousands of yoga enthusiasts are saying a hearty “thank-you” for the teachings of good health and mindfulness which this wonderful enterprise has pioneered over the years.

The anniversary will be celebrated with a 28-DAY YOGA TEACHER TRAINING from June 2nd to 30th with Govert plus many other teachers, lecturers, doctors and psychotherapists providing one of the world’s most comprehensive original Hot Yoga training courses.

Kata Hot Yoga is located on a beautiful hillside overlooking Kata Beach, surrounded by luscious green trees and palms fringing the crystal clear water and white sand.   

Hot Yoga is just a few steps from this lovely beach and offers the ultimate hot yoga experience in a unique location. Participants choose from several daily classes, or full residential, or retreat programs to get strong, fit, and energized and gain all the healthful mental benefits of hot yoga.                                                                                                 

Govert is originally from Holland and got interested in the world of yoga and decided to create a new life and career in 2007 by gaining a yoga teacher certificate in Hawaii, with the dream of opening his own hot yoga studio.                                                                                         

Govert then headed back to Phuket, a very special place which he had visited many years before, and decided that the stunning location just above the Kata Beach was perfect for his studio and wellness center.

The term “Hot Yoga” describes a yoga style that uses heat to increase the individual’s flexibility in the poses. It is a 90 minute open-eyed meditation which calms the mind and is a good work out for the body, while making it more flexible.

At the same time your organs are flushed with fresh blood, sweating out toxins in a cleansing process. It also makes you breathe in the right way, which complements the exercises, leading to all-round healthfulness.

Kata Hot Yoga officially opened for business in 2009 and was an immediate success. Local residents and visiting tourists were hugely attracted to the hot yoga classes and the many physical and mental health benefits to the 26 +2 posture yoga series.

Since the studio’s opening, people from all over the world have participated in the classes and health programs.

The 30 Day Challenge and Health Program have been especially popular for those looking to work closely with Govert and transform their bodies and minds by taking 30 consecutive days of training.

Govert works with many different teachers from all over the world, ensuring an amazing original Hot Yoga experience to every participant every time they visit.

Classes are designed for beginners, yet are still challenging for advanced yoga practitioners and all levels of experience are more than welcome!


217 Khoktanod Road, Kata Beach Mueang Phuket 83100

Tel:+66 76 605 950