Tasteful in Every Bite at Bake, Central Patong

Located in the heart of the beach town of Patong, Bake at Central Patong has officially opened and is ready to serve delicious fusion cuisine.

Entering on the 1st floor of the mall, you will easily find Bake which offers an indoor, cool area as well as an alfresco dining space.

Just like its original branch in Cherng Talay, the latest Bake restaurant offers a wide range of all-day fine dining options among simple yet beautiful decorations, with a live cooking station connected to the kitchen showcased through a transparent glass window, promoting a French rotisserie oven to ensure the taste and texture of their famous grilled chickens are right on point.

As a fusion eatery, Bake offered us to try out their mix of tasty menus, starting from the popular Fettuccini Pad Kee Mao Seafood, which represent well the east meets west concept. Switching from western noodle to the oriental one with a Senmee Gaeng Poo [Crabmeat Curry served with Vermicelli]. The curry was cooked to perfection with Thai authentic seasonings to get that proper spiciness. The sweetness of the fresh crabmeat soaked in yellow curry combines perfectly with the texture of the vermicelli topped with a sprinkle of crispy shallots and garlic.

The must-try menu at Bake is the grilled chicken served with your choice of 3 different styles, including Thai, Indian and French, which are marinated and served aside different choices of sauces. The half chicken is neatly cooked in the rotisserie oven keeping the meat moist and tender with a rich seasoning of herbs and spices.

For the healthy choice, we were introduced to Bake’s Salad – the signature veggie dish featuring fresh rocket, avocado, beetroot, tomato, boiled pumpkin, quinoa and a perfectly poached egg with a vinegar dressing.

Sweet tooth will fall in love with their all-day breakfast menu – Pancake Pomegranate, which is a hot and soft, puffy pancake served with sprinkle of pomegranate, whipped cream and passion fruit and served aside a choice of honey or maple syrup, allowing you to go full sweet with every bite.

Bake is also widely known for its high-quality pastry and bakery that are made fresh daily. Cakes are neatly prepared by Bake’s Chef, who took a training course in France to ensure the highest standards in quality.

Bake Central Patong
Tel. 093 576 8997