The aesthetic guru who offers much more than external beauty – Dr. Chookiat ‘Simon’ Feemuchang

We met with the skillful and experienced Doctor Chookiat‘Simon’ Feemuchang, who graduated in Cardiology and Internal Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine at Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, to talk about the interesting work he has brought to Phuket. Because he believes that beauty must shine from the inside out, Dr. Simon has established a state-of-the-art, one stop service, aesthetic clinic called Auramediplex, located in the heart of Phuket Town, offering services from genetic cancer check-ups, to detox and face treatments at affordable prices.

Please let us know more about yourself

I’m a physician who specialized in cardiology and I’m also an expert in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), which made me the ACLS instructor of The Heart Association of Thailand under Royal Patronage, as well as an expert air ambulance doctor. I started working in Phuket at Siriroj Hospital (Phuket International Hospital).                           I then saw an opportunity in Patong, as the crowded tourism destination was lacking medical human resources, so I opened my first clinic, Patong International Clinic (PIC), where we have medical experts, equipment and medicine to support a wide range of cases with great service. After the PIC, my wife, who is an anephrologist, decided to launch Auramediplex dedicated to protective medicine.

How would you describe Auramediplex?

Auramediplex is an aesthetic and health clinic. It is based on the key concept that sickness is best dealt with when it is prevented and detected before reaching the healing process. Our clinic dispenses aesthetic medicine and anti-aging services to keep our customers healthy. The clinic is staffed by experts including a cardiologist, nephrologist and dermatologist.

What are the outstanding advantages of Auramediplex?

Our technology and equipment are latest models possible. For example, our colon detox machine is the same as that at Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok, which has been the leader in detox for decades. Our cutting edge PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) machine creates stem cells to stimulate new, healthy, cell growth and is usually used for face treatments, is of the same high-standard as in the leading hospitals. The machine offers more automatic support and decreased hand-touch patient contact, greatly reducing the risk of infection.

We also offer genetic testing for cancer with the latest high technology that requires only your saliva in order to test against 200 – plus gene faults (mutations) that can increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer.

We don’t try to lower the cost by using cheaper machine and products because we believe that the quality of machines/equipment and products lead to quality results, which will benefit both the clinic and patient in the end. Our staff are also well-trained to guarantee a friendly and mindful service. The specialists concerned in each treatment or service will be by your side along the way to ensure the best results with the highest safety.

Please tell us about your CSR activities

I have a project called ‘Patong Life Safety’ which means that people can be saved anywhere as people in the area are trained for basic life support and there shall be AED machines in several spots spread across Patong. With my personal budget, I have a continuous program teaching CPR to local people, lifeguards, and hotel staff and in the near future, I will teach traffic police as well, and all these trainings are free of charge.

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