Utopia Naiharn RESORT | Naiharn&Rawai Beach

This luxury property is designed for modern living, within easy reach of two beaches and a lake, and with numerous shopping locations and restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

The Development

Spread over 4 rai of prime real estate, these 110 luxury condos in Phuket are located between Naiharn and Rawai beaches and the Naiharn Lake to the east. The 1 and 2-bedroom, 42 sqm apartments offer seaviews as well as views across a pool, surrounding mountains and Naiharn Lake. The units are fully decorated and come with complimentary home appliances. The 1-bedroom units in the complex are economically planned and designed for luxury living, with its flowing living and outdoor spaces giving an airy, spacious feel. The 5-star quality of the property is emphasized by the sweeping lobby entrance, decorated in modern, discerning style, for 24-hour reception services. Complex facilities include a rooftop infinity pool, a pool on the first floor, spa, bar, gym with professional quality sound and a steam room, restaurant, conference room and parking lot. The restaurant would be serving breakfast, as one would expect from a hotel condominium offering the luxuries and services of a property managed as a 5-star hotel. In terms of our selective rental agreement, there are no maintenance or utility charges during the course of the rental period.


Guaranteed Return on Investment

Located in one of the most beautiful natural areas in Phuket, the Naiharn Condominiums is a sound investment, with a return of up to 10% over 20 years with the option of 5-year buy back program. Naiharn is known as one of the more affluent communities in Phuket, who enjoy the upmarket entertainment and amenities on offer – there are four world-class hotels in the immediate vicinity and numerous yachts can be seen anchored in the bay at any given time. Phuket is still one of the most lucrative markets for property investments, not only because of its beautiful nature and landscape such as can be found in Naiharn, but also because it’s one of the most visited holiday destinations in Southeast Asia. Phuket Airport posted an 11.3% year-on-year growth in 2017, reaching an estimated 8.4 million incoming passengers. Even low-season tourism figures show an 11.2% increase compared to the same period in 2016.


Choice Location

Naiharn Beach and surrounds is a choice location, which has avoided over development out of respect to the Naiharn Temple, a Buddhist temple in the area. But it still offers the best of several worlds – two beaches, Rawai to the west and Naiharn to the east and the Naiharn Lake, which is an inland freshwater lake about one kilometer long and located very close to Naiharn Beach. The lakeside is popular for outdoor activities and organized water sports events. Natural attractions include the viewpoints Prom Thep Cape and Windmill – two renowned and top tourist attractions.


Facilities, Services and Benefits

The Utopia property developments are unique in that they all form part of a condominium hotel chain in Phuket. Once developed and sold, Utopia continues to service and maintain the property like a 5-star hotel, so investors don’t have the headaches and expenses that usually come with property maintenance. They can also enjoy the benefits of 24-hour security, 24-hour reception, room services and transport that would be expected of any world-class hotel.

  • Rental Income: Our up to 20-year selective rental agreement generates a fixed annual income of up to 10%, with the option of 5-year buy back program for the investor.
  • Free holidays: 40 nights of free stay per year at any Utopia Hotels. Use any of the facilities at any Utopia Hotels – spend your holiday in a Utopia Naiharn Condo while using the gym facilities at Karon or the pool and restaurant in Kata.
  • Free transport: Utopia offers a free beach shuttle bus service as well as connecting shuttle service between all our projects in Phuket.

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