Paradise Beach Phuket

Paradise  Beach  offers the first daily and the biggest beach party on the island, with  spectacular international  DJ  concerts for  Full moon, Half moon and  Black moon parties, as well as festive  seasonal events on our very charming  and  private “Paradise Beach”. With a wide variety of outlets offering numerous activities throughout the  day. You can enjoy our beautiful natural jungle view from the entrance and relax as you experience our 70 creative shops along with famous Fisherman Walking Streets. Indulge yourself as you take in the sea views of our renowned luxury “Spa Sawan”, dine in one of our 5 stylish restaurants or jump into beach activities such as  beach volleyball, beach soccer, canoeing, snorkeling, paddling board or just lay back and relax. The powder sand and crystal clear sea water is awaiting for you here at Paradise Beach Phuket.